Ria Services

We are Ria

The third largest money transfer company in the world and part of an industry that moves more than 600 billion dollars annually.

At this time, the area of purchase and sale of foreign banknotes of the company provides service both in its own stores and through the web to more than 1,000,000 customers annually.

We offer this service in more than 70 points of sale available to our customers and in the most central locations of the main European cities.

Foreign currency exchange

Ria offers more than 60 different types of currency, including: dollars, pounds, yen, francs, dirhams, pesos and kroner, amongst many others. Our online currency reservation service offers easy access to currencies which you can pick up at one of our authorised stores, or you can have your travel money sent to your home or workplace, wherever suits you best.

Money transfers

With close to 30 years’ experience in the money transfer industry, Ria is one of the leading companies for international transfers. Our network is formed of more than 316,000 points worldwide, which means we can reach almost any destination our clients need, and ensure their money arrives in the fastest, safest and most economical way possible.

Cashing Traveller’s Cheques

You can cash American Express Traveller’s cheques at any of Ria’s stores, and receive euros, dollars or pounds or others.

Mobile top ups

Our stores offer mobile phone top up services for all national operators as well as many international carriers. You can find more details on which international carriers at our stores.

Cash advance

If you run out of cash and need to make a withdrawal from a card, our stores offer cash advance services and will be able to provide the amount you need in the currency of your choice.

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