Foreign currency home delivery


Ria now sends you the currencies to your home/office

Ria offers you the exclusive currencies home delivery service.

You can benefit from this service now, in just 48 hours (*) you will receive the currencies in anywhere in the whole Spain.

Is totally free for amounts over 500 euros Moreover has no commission fees and have the full guarantee from our delivery company.

(*) Working days.


If you want to receive the currencies at your home or work please follow the following steps:

We deliver your currency so you can receive it in cash at home or at work in just a few hours. This exclusive service is also completely free for orders above 500 euros and includes all delivery guarantees from our courier company.

We want to make sure the currency exchange delivery isn't part of your headache. You have enough going on with your job, the suitcases and the piles of documents you need to show at every stop.

At Ria, we make traveling lighter. We guarantee a competitive exchange rate with no hidden costs in the fine print.

What's more, it doesn't matter where life is taking you. We've got more than 60 currencies available at a fair price.

And because we didn't think our service was handy enough just yet, now you can send your currency anywhere you want and receive it within 48 hours (*). No more waiting weeks to pick up your currency just to find most of it is gone in unexpected fees!

The currency exchange delivery service is our newest way of helping you, but in our 30 years of experience, we have developed other currency exchange services you might be interested in.

Should you need more information you may contact us on:

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