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Why choose Rias

Advantage 1Receive your foreign currency where you prefer
Advantage 2Convenient hours of operation
Advantage 3Competitive exchange rates
Advantage 4Payment by cash, debit or credit card
Advantage 5More than 60 currencies available
Advantage 6Our stores buy back what you don't use

Where would you like to exchange money?

Ria is a leading foreign exchange and money transfer company, with close to 30 years’ experience and services in around 150 countries. Millions of clients rely on us to buy or sell their foreign currency at the best rates for their leisure or business trips. We also offer a personalised service to businesses and their employees who travel frequently and require foreign exchange services. Clients can pick up their currency at one of our stores, or use our convenient home-delivery service.

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We offer more than 60 types of currency including: dollars, pounds, yen, francs, dirhams, pesos, kroner, amongst many others. Our online currency reservation service offers easy access to currencies, with the ability to pick up at one of our authorised stores. Alternatively, you can have your travel money sent to your home or workplace – wherever suits you best.

Our offices offer broad opening hours and are located in the most central areas of emblematic Spanish cities. We accept payment in cash or by credit card, debit card, American Express and Traveller’s cheques, and offer an assorted range of banknotes and currencies to suit your every need.

Ria’s completely secure and guaranteed service allows you to reserve your currency and have it delivered directly to your chosen location. Receive your foreign exchange delivery to any Spanish place within 24 to 48 hours, depending on your location.

If you’re planning your next holiday abroad and need to change euros for dollars, pounds, yen, francs, krone, pesos, reals or other denominations, Ria is the best option which and gives you more for less. Reserve your currency beforehand and spend your time getting the best out of your money and enjoying yourself abroad.

Many companies trust Ria’s foreign exchange service to facilitate their employees’ on business trips outside of Spain. Reserve your desired currency online and it will be delivered to your office in time for your trip.

Whatever the reason for your trip, remember that on your return to Spain we will also buy back any money you may not have used. This can be done at any of our stores.

Registering is very simple, it only takes a few minutes and you will have access to our online foreign currency exchange immediately, saving you time and, of course, money, as we offer the most competitive rates. Register now and see for yourself!

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