Exchange pesos to euros in Madrid

Exchanging euros to pesos and pesos to euros in Madrid: where to exchange foreign currency

Ria is the best place for exchanging euros to pesos or pesos to euros in Madrid, because we specialize in currency exchange, charge zero commission and offer you the best exchange rates on the market.

We have more than 25 years’ experience in currency exchange and are industry leaders in over 150 countries, gaining the trust of over a million clients a year. At Ria we make it easy for you to exchange money. If you need to exchange euros to pesos or vice versa you have two options:

Stop by our stores: we have several facilities in the Spanish capital where you can bring your money and take away the amount of pesos or euros you need. Come by any day and our agents will be happy to advise you.

Reserve online: simply tell us which currency you need, the amount, where you want to pick it up from (or if you prefer it we can deliver it to you) and how you want to pay. We will take care of everything and have the money ready for you when you arrive.

Exchanging euros to pesos in Madrid

The peso is the official currency in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Philippines, and Uruguay. If you plan on traveling to any of these countries we advise you to exchange your euros for pesos while you’re still in Madrid. You can do it commission-free at any of our Ria stores.

Exchanging pesos to euros in Madrid

Need to exchange pesos to euros in Madrid? Our agents will offer you the best exchange rates with no added commission—exchanging foreign currency with us is much less expensive than doing it at the bank or at the airport.

Where to buy or exchange euros to pesos or pesos to euros in Madrid

Right now we have 7 currency exchange stores in Madrid, located on some of the main streets in the Spanish capital:

We have extensive opening hours seven days a week. Drop by whenever you need help to make a currency exchange.

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