Exchange pesos to euros in Barcelona

Exchanging and buying pesos and euros in Barcelona

The best place for exchanging euros and pesos in Barcelona is with Ria. Our system is based on commission-free currency exchange, allowing us to offer the best prices, because we adapt exclusively to the exchange rate of the currency involved at the time of the exchange.

Buying and exchanging euros to pesos or pesos to euros represents a considerable difference in the end price, depending on where the transaction takes place. If you need to exchange currency, contact one of our Ria stores and compare the rates; we exclusively use the official euros-pesos exchange rate to provide you with the best price in Barcelona.

Where to buy and exchange euros and pesos in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the major tourist centres in Europe, a city of great cultural wealth that welcomes millions of tourists every year. Ria has two foreign currency offices in Barcelona, where you can buy or exchange pesos and euros, together with many other currencies used in different parts of the world.

Find us at one of our two currency exchange stores in Barcelona:

At our two stores in Barcelona, you can exchange and buy pesos if you want to travel to the Americas and you need the official currency of any given country, or if you want to exchange your pesos to euros to move around the European Union.

How to exchange pesos and euros at Ria Barcelona

At each of our Ria stores across the world we work hard to provide our customers with the best price in the purchase and sale of foreign currency, as well as quick and efficient service.

To achieve this we work with a dual approach: firstly, customers can visit us at any of our stores, where we do currency exchange and change pesos to euros, right then and there.

The other option is to make a reservation beforehand, stating the amount, the currency you have and the currency you need, so the exchange can take place quickly and efficiently. This method is especially advisable when large amounts are involved.

Either way, Ria does not apply a commission to the transaction, therefore exchanging euros to pesos is much more inexpensive than at other currency exchanges in Barcelona.

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